Meet Us On Smoke Street

We met up with our friend Marti in the streets of Ludlow and had a light chat while enjoying some delicious Strawberry Cough.

SF. Who would you want to smoke with?  M. I’d Love to smoke weed with Scottish comedian/actor Billy Connolly, we’d listen to some type of Scottish ballad…maybe on that, he sang.

SF. What’s your favorite thing to do after indulging in the sweet green? M. I really like to smoke a few bowls and go to the gym and jump rope. it makes me super focused.

Model – Marti @brooklynbhoy
Photography – c.w. @thecalebwing
Creative Direction/Styling – Lola Langusta @thelolalangusta
 Featured Product
@driesvannoten | @eyevan7285

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