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Cannabis inspired styles made with elevated techniques as unique as you.

Lucky Brand’s Highest Quality Capsule Collection, features cannabis-inspired styles made with elevated techniques, exemplifying the casual cool, and culturally relevant lifestyle of laid-back comfort. Together with cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Lola Langusta founder of Stoned Fox Media, the brand’s campaign highlights stories of the progression of cannabis perception in society by showcasing a variety of personal perspectives – from criminalization to culture to agriculture. 

The campaign was shot on location in New York City and upstate New York. The Highest Quality capsule features three unique perspectives on how cannabis impacts culture today.

“Lucky Brand has always been at the forefront of driving cultural conversations since 1990 and we are excited to give our collaborators a platform to express themselves on our platforms. Rooted in denim, Americana, and self-expression, our brand is for the free-thinkers and the optimists who don’t take life too seriously,” says Michael DeLellis, EVP Head of Marketing from Lucky Brand & SPARC Group. 

The collection will be live on April 4th on LuckyBrand.com and $10 from every Highest Quality item sold in April 2024 will be donated to Last Prisoner Project with a commitment from the brand up to $10,000. Additionally, Lucky’s social post(s) will direct the audience to help support the mission of LPP by participating in the Letter writing program.

The Culturista: Lola Langusta

We first start with our founder Lola Langusta, who was contacted to assist in creative direction, casting, and co-producing this beautiful campaign with Lucky Brand. “Lola is a creative director and visionary who launched Stoned Fox, a creative studio and production company initially focusing on cannabis, plant wellness, and lifestyle in 2016. Lola works with ethical and sustainable brands to bring awareness to healing ourselves naturally and the responsibility we all share collectively to help heal our planet.”

It was such a pleasure to work with Lucky Brand for this campaign. Their desire to be a part of a beautiful and important cultural movement, and to move within the space ethically supporting important aspects of this plant is extremely refreshing. Too many people got into this industry for profit and are perpetuating an unhealthy stoner culture when in fact Cannabis is plant medicine and needs to be respected as such. This is a huge win for fashion and lifestyle in the Cannabis space and a beautiful opportunity to re-write and rebuild Cannabis culture in a new light. – Lola


The Activist: Donte West

Donte West is a decriminalization and anti-incarceration advocate whose experience with the criminal justice system changed his life forever. With no criminal record and nothing illegal in his possession, Donte was arrested and convicted on charges that were later overturned after being released after spending three years in October 2020, he now works with the Last Prisoner Project to help free anyone incarcerated on cannabis-related charges. The Lucky Brand Highest Quality Campaign supports the Last Prisoners Project with a percentage of sales going to the non-profit organization with up to a minimum of $10,000 as noted above. 


The Farmers: Hudson Cannabis

Founded by women, owned by farmers, and powered by regenerative agriculture, Hudson Cannabis is going one step further with regenerative agriculture. Their farm provides a holistic approach to producing top-tier, biodiverse cannabis that’s grown intentionally in the sunlight, in the soil with the plant and planet in mind. We met up with sisters Freya and Melony Dobson to learn more about their sustainable practices and the important role Cannabis will play in the future healing of our earth and soil. 



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