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stoned road
stone road pre roll review

At the foundation of Stone Road pre-rolls, you will find adventure, culture, and the arts. Stone Road is the first cannabis brand that offers rewards to its customers with a loyalty program unlike any we’ve seen. It is accessible via an app they’ve developed which is a game changer in the cannabis brand industry. In addition, the app lets you see the exact location of the farms and even helps you find nearby retailers. Stone Road taps into the young L.A. creative arts scene with their social marketing that exudes inclusivity, which we feel is the very ethos of cannabis. Stone Road joints are made with only pure flower, harvested by farmers devoted to strictly organic practices. Stone Road farms in Grass Valley, California providing crystal – clear water from artesian wells and long days of uninterrupted sunshine, for the highest grade.

I’ve completely fallen for Stone Road Farms, from the flower from their organic grow (you really can’t go wrong with any of their strains) to their killer packaging and a rewards program sending you to local concerts as the cherry on top.”

– Vanderpop
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