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A Journey Through Morocco.

Photo by Lola Langusta

Welcome to “Places and Spaces” a new chapter to our creative offerings where we explore hotels, travel, art, culture, and design.

Our next stop is Morocco! A lapse in time, a reclamation of oneself, and a delicious discovery of culture, written by our founder Lola Langusta.

Perhaps selfishly, my desire to start this new chapter ” Places and Spaces “  was to satiate my appetite for authentic experiences that feed the soul, in a world that is becoming further detached from authenticity and integrity. I hope this new chapter equally inspires you and is the beginning of something bigger than we could imagine. This is not necessarily about living in luxury, or all the instagramable spots one must visit, Instead, think of this as an invitation to step outside of your traditional perspective. An opportunity to see everyone with humbled vision and to look at the world from an authentic, curious and objective point of view.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Shot by Ernesto Roman

Let me begin by saying one month in Morocco is not enough time, and I look forward to my imminent return next year. The overstimulation was everything I needed to get out of my head and focus on the present moment. The wonder, curiosity, and excitement expedited a surge of inspiration, motivation, and creativity I had long desired. Over the years Los Angeles was feeling less and less like home and the question “What’s Next”, played on repeat in my mind, while I was lost somewhere, between the earth and the sky. In a full-stop surrender, I took this opportunity as a sign and packed my bags without hesitation, finding peace in the chaos.  This trip became my Alchemist journey where I was reacquainted with my sensual prowess, power, ingenuity, and childlike wonder. Remembering who I once was, who I’ve always been, and making peace with the beautiful reflection of who I am becoming.

On my initial day in Morocco, I explored the bustling medina, purposefully embracing the sensation and excitement of becoming lost amidst its labyrinthine streets. After leisurely unwinding at my Riad to replenish my body from the long flight ( I can’t sleep on airplanes), I ventured to the Agafay Desert. There, a rendezvous with fifteen captivating strangers, commenced, joining them in an immersive journey with the Beauty Of You (BOY),  a retreat for tapping into your sensual power and the initial reason for my coming to this enchanting country. This unexpected invitation was a serendipitous gift that beckoned me to seize the opportunity. Despite moments of hesitancy clouding my thoughts, my heart unequivocally embraced the chance, reminding me that leading with your heart never steers you wrong.

Image by Laura Martinova

Our stay at La Pause was the perfect backdrop to detach from the past and future and lean fully into the present. The beautiful hotel, nestled gently and perfectly in this desert landscape was difficult to leave. Its simple and slow ways lured you in, finding solace in the silence.  With minimal to zero service and no wifi it was the great detox we all needed to reset and re-align.

For six nights, we immersed ourselves in pure joy. As the final evening approached, surrounded by these remarkable women who had become akin to sisters—some soon-to-be lifelong friends—the desert wind blew madly, honoring our spirits. We shared vulnerabilities, embracing our truest selves with playful honesty, gradually shedding the layers of our self-proclaimed identities, and letting go of past and future expectations with joy and trust. It was the powerful exhale and the beginning of my Alchemist journey.

La Pause shot by Natrya Zendeli

Following a transformative week amidst the vast expanse of the Agafy Desert, I returned to the bustling embrace of Marrakech, where my dear friend and photographer, Ernesto Roman, joined me for the remaining 3 weeks of my spontaneous voyage through these ancient lands, unfolding organically day by day.

Shot by Lola Langusta
Shot by Ernesto Roman


Shot by Ernesto Roman

During our stay in Marrakech, we were invited to visit the Beni Rugs Atelier on a private tour, – A haven for design enthusiasts. Invited by Tiberio Navia the co-founder of Beni Rugs, a very kind and gentle man with impeccable taste. Tiberio generously welcomed us and even had his driver pick us up from our Riad in Marrakesh. Once working in hotel hospitality and living in NY, Tiberio now seeks a quiet life in the countryside of Morocco, where he lives near their HQ, about 30 minutes from central Marrakech. Beni Rugs connects 3,500 years of tradition with the pulse of today. Overlooking the High Atlas Mountains, nestled in a verdant garden of olive and fig trees, sweet jasmine with an energy that is so inviting, my only question was, can I move in? “The Beni Studio is an 8,000 square foot hub of craft – where 85 weavers work next to a sun-flooded courtyard, where the thump of hammers against wool fills the air, and where our team explores new possibilities of an age-old art.”

Their insistent attention to detail and the meticulous care in which everything and every one was handled was refreshing and gave me hope for a future where we create, buy, and build things with craftsmanship and intention, an art lost in a world of fast fashion and cheap knockoffs. In tradition weaving rugs was often a gesture handed down from mother to daughter and Beni honors that, allowing each one of their weavers to weave a rug for their family at no cost, while also providing child care, 2x fair wages, free transportation, and keeping ancient traditions alive.  I can honestly say, that my home will officially be adorned with only Beni Rugs moving forward.

We believe that the humblest natural materials are the foundation for the truest beauty, that the best things are worth waiting for, and that the welcome of a well designed home is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. It’s the purest expression of who we are.



We then made our way to Marrekachi Life a Marrakech-based Atelier and brand that works exclusively with fabrics handwoven by their in-house team of artisans. Everything is made to order allowing them the ability to focus on zero waste and sustainable practices. Matching the intention, awareness, and traditional craftsmanship that reigns supreme at Beni Rugs, The Marrakchi Atelier factory, works carefully to align with those same values and principles. We met up with one of the owners Nicholas Minucciani, who took us for a tour and behind the scenes of the studio where each garment is made to order.  Witnessing the meticulous artistry that breathed life into each bespoke creation was nothing short of awe-inspiring as it offered solace to ancient customs teetering on the edge of obscurity.


Photo and videos shot and edited by Lola Langusta



After our brief yet busy days in Marrakech, we rented a car and embarked on a nine-hour journey southeast to the Sahara. A cautionary note: the police patrols are vigilant about speed limits, though generally friendly, they are intent on issuing fines, often waiting at unexpected corners or town entrances. We were stopped five times, managing to negotiate fines in three instances, but both Ernesto and I received tickets on two occasions—our most cherished souvenirs from the trip.

Images shot by Ernesto Roman
A man and his donkey shot by Lola Langusta

Embracing spontaneity and letting curiosity guide us, our adventure unfolded like a game of rock-paper-scissors, each twist and turn offering breathtaking landscapes and moments of wonder. This immersive journey served as transformative therapy. In the Sahara, we shared tea with the Bedouin, listened to the soulful rhythms of Africa, rode motorcycles across the desert, navigated ATVs through the dunes, and mounted camels at sunset. Dancing wildly around a blazing fire under a star-studded sky, I felt a profound connection to the desert as I usually do, however, this was otherworldly and ancient, experiencing a revitalization of spirit that words cannot fully capture.

In my opinion, Morocco’s most beautiful people live in the Sahara. The harsh conditions and the limited resources didn’t plague their spirit. They were kind and generous and they illuminated a beauty I have yet to see matched. The Bedouin people share one well which is drying up and yet they invited us to take refuge from the heat under their tent where we were brought mint tea, served with the brightest smile,  asking for nothing in return. It was such an honor to witness their way of life and be continuously humbled in the process. A moment forever etched into my mind and heart.

From childhood, my grandmother dubbed me the “Zingara” (gypsy) of the family, meant perhaps as a slight, but I embraced it as a compliment. Whenever the wind stirred, I felt compelled to surrender to its call, closing my eyes and letting myself be carried away, activating all my senses, as if at that moment, nothing else existed. I would get completely enraptured by it feeling cleansed by the earth.

In the Sahara, the wind blew fiercely once more, stripping away my barriers as I danced around a crackling fire, singing to the rhythm of drums that matched my every breath, heartbeat, and movement. These three transformative nights purified my soul, restoring my inner strength and reaffirming my capacity to create from nothing. This experience was the pinnacle of my journey, and I will forever cherish the gifts of sound and moments of profound connection that are etched into my heart, mind, and spirit.


After a thrilling 4-night adventure in the Sahara, we hit the road once again for a 9-hour journey toward the ocean, eager not to miss the chance to surf in Africa. Arriving at the tail end of the season, we enjoyed perfect beach weather, typical year-round, and caught the last of the swell and surf season with ideal 3-4 ft waves. Our destination: the enchanting surf town of Taghazout, which soon became a second home, and a place I’m already looking forward to revisiting next year.

We were warmly embraced at Surf Maroc, our home for the duration of our stay and a delightful surf lodge catering to passionate surfers, with and in my opinion, the reason Taghazout is a must-visit destination. Reluctant to depart, we extended our stay by two days, already discussing the possibility of returning for an extended month or two.

Our time here offered a refreshing sea breeze amidst the chaos of the city and the desert’s heat. It marked another wonderful highlight characterized by warm hospitality, mouthwatering cuisine, genuine smiles, exhilarating surfing, and revitalizing yoga sessions.



After our stay Before heading back to Marrakech and Agafay where we would end our stay, we stopped off in the little fishing town Essaouira, known for its kite surfing and laid-back charm. It’s quite beautiful, quaint, and friendly and if you want to shop the prices are far more reasonable than in Marrakech without the pushy salesman, which was reflective of the laid-back beach charm versus the bustle of the city.

As our trip was nearing its end we had one last long drive ahead of us back to Marrakech where we had the absolute pleasure of hanging out and covering Eduardo Castillo’s mesmerizing event with Liv Morocco.. read the full article about this incredible soul-changing experience here.



We concluded our journey in the Agafay Desert, where my adventures began, staying at the renowned Habitas Agafay. Our stay was perfect, filled with memorable experiences and exceptional hospitality. The tents resembled luxurious hotel rooms, set amidst a lush oasis in the barren landscape. Habitas is celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail and sustainable practices.


Upon arrival, we were welcomed into a serene oasis where we participated in a private opening ceremony, gifted to each guest. Here, amidst the aroma of burning Copal, we offered prayers and planted seeds destined for their “Garden of Intention”. Later, we delighted in harvesting fresh ingredients from this garden, which we used to prepare our Chicken Tagine for dinner.
This was one of my favorite experiences as cooking is one of my love languages. Accompanying this feast was freshly baked bread, a nightly tradition overseen by a local woman in their outdoor oven. Every moment felt like stepping into a realm of enchantment, where thoughts of prolonging our stay danced in my mind incessantly. The tranquility, the stillness, the embrace of nature—these blessings left an indelible mark as we bid farewell to this beautiful country.

On my final day, I indulged in playing with their friendly animals, including their sweet camels, a baby donkey whom I fell in love with, and a tour of their stables following a private horseback ride through the desert. The impeccable food, accommodations, meticulous attention to detail, and warm hospitality left me eagerly counting down the days until my return.

With unforgettable memories and immense gratitude, Morocco you have my heart.

Love Lola.

Photography by Ernesto Roman + Lola Langusta



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