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Live in Morocco with Eduardo Castillo

Our founder Lola, went on a WNDRFL journey through sound with Eduardo Castillo and Liv Morocco.

” Last month, I embarked on a mysterious and spontaneous trip to Morocco, traversing the distant lands from the bustling streets of Marrakech to the boundless beauty of the Sahara and the laid-back inviting energy in Essouria. As our trip neared its end we had the most beautiful heart-opening send-off, experiencing the transcendence of time and sound with Eduardo Castillo and Liv Morocco. We made our way through the vibrant alleyways and bustling souks of Marrakech, where time seemed to stand still amidst the echoes of ancient tales whispered by the wind and the murmurs of the salesmen ushering you to see their treasures. We took refuge as we made our way down a candlelit alley into a beautiful open space between what felt like palace walls. The earth was covered in lush red Moroccan rugs and floor cushions lit by a soon-to-be full moon. Everyone took their place on the floor and nestled in, while sweet mint tea was passed around and the scent of Copal filled the air.


As the intimate initiation between self and sound commenced Eduardo has a way of alchemizing any moment into one of inner reflection and outer joy. You can feel the heart and intention behind the music he creates and how he pours his frequency that bleeds through the speaker straight to the soul. Eduardo is more than a musical genius; everything he does is with the greatest intention and care matched with attention to detail. As one of the founders and creators of Habitas Hotels with his best friend, Kfir Levy, with whom he is also launching their new project, WNDRFL, Eduardo is an artist and visionary of the future. “WNDRFL is about impact – creating meaningful, sustainable change through our actions, choices, and relationships. It’s about reimagining what’s possible when we align our values with our actions and creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our immediate sphere of influence.”

SF: What is your future vision of WNDRFL and what sparked its conception?

EC: WNDRFL embodies our shared ethos – a deep respect for our natural world, a commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices, and a desire to foster personal growth and exploration. This initiative is not just a business venture, but a focused commitment to a more impactful, joyful, and connected way of life.

We are Kfir Levy and Eduardo Castillo, co-founders of Habitas, we say goodbye to a Habitas we built with our hands and hearts to embark on a new journey that is deeply personal and profoundly necessary. WNDRFL.

As fathers, we understand the importance of empowering our children with a life that is sustainable, purposeful, and deeply connected to the natural world. We see both a need and an opportunity to transform the way we live, learn, and interact with our environment and each other. WNDRFL is our response to that opportunity, a commitment to enhancing the quality of our lives and those around us, in line with our values.

SF: What do you feel the future of humanity needs most of all?

EC: Action! 

SF: Frequency is the future of healing. How does music play a role in everything you create?

EC: Music is like oxygen to me.  It steers me in the right direction and opens all doors.  It’s a great tool to fulfill my purpose. It keeps me honest and on course. 

SF: A piece of advice you have never forgotten?

EC: If you do what you love it will never, ever feel like work. My grandfather when I was 13. 

SF: Finish the sentence. To Love…

EC: We only protect what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we are taught.   – Baba Dioum

The event was produced and put together by LIV Morocco, a destination management company, based in Marrakech created by two brothers Youseff and Simo Mahmah, to bring an authentic experience to Morocco that feels more like you are visiting family and experiencing the beauty from a true locals point of view. The best view possible.

SF: What is the mission behind LIV Morocco and the venue chosen to work and inspire the children?

LM: My brother and I started LIV a few years back after our return from the US and China to showcase what Morocco truly is; the beauty, the diversity, the richness of culture and history, and mostly the people. The people make this country special, and the mission behind LIV Morocco is to create this connection between people. We want guests to feel more at home like they’re visiting family or an old friend. The venue chosen for the concert is a unique place where this connection happens so naturally and organically.  Working with the spirit and energy of the children creates a pure and joyful, yet very contagious experience, it gives you hope in their excitement and desire to achieve great things. It also reminds you of your childlike nature, and as an adult, we must offer them an opportunity where one may not exist.  Since not all of them are fortunate enough to travel abroad it is inspiring when people from around the world come and spend time with them giving them a chance to share their talent with them and keeping them hopeful of a brighter future.

SF: How did your relationship with Eduardo come into play and what was the main reason for creating this experience? 

LM: We met Eduardo last year when he came to perform for the opening of Caravan Agafay by Habitas, he was here for 48 hours or so but that was more than enough for him to fall in love with Morocco, and more than enough for us to feel that brotherly love emerge as we spent time showing him around, and he simply said ” Brothers! we should do this”
SF: ⁠Is there a link where people can donate to support the children in their efforts to learn music for the year?
LM: We are currently working with the center to develop a gofundme page or a link that facilitates sponsoring for the kids, but for now, any donations to sponsor the kids are made directly to the foundation’s account which you can visit here. 50 dollars puts one child through music school for the year.
Eduardo Castillo Morocco Stoned Fox

Written by Lola Langusta

Video + Edit: Lola Langusta

Music: Eduardo Castillo “Mogo Te Disco”

Images Shot by Lola Langusta and Ernesto Roman


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