Sound healing is an emerging field that holds immense potential for transforming the future of health and well-being, naturally. This innovative approach employs various sound frequencies, vibrations, and rhythms to restore balance and harmony within the human body and mind. Music is the universal language of humankind and Chromasonic is a leading force in the experiential space.
Located in Venice, California Chromasonic is an immersive light and sound experience to inspire expanded states of awareness and connection. The 30-minute activation takes you on a journey where time and reality melt away. As the colors change and sound frequencies envelop your entire mind and body, the concept of space-time reality shifts and you are left with yourself in the truest and rawest form.

Chromasonic connects science to the inquiry of art making. We create fundamental connections between light waves and sound waves through Chromasonic Refrequencing. We manipulate analog instrumentation to generate light across the full visible spectrum and use all visible color frequencies to generate sound from light. This sensory technology makes light audible and sound visible.

Chromasonic’s sites allow you to experience a fundamental form of augmented perception without reliance on a device. In this way, we can organically expand natural perception.

Sound healing believes that every aspect of our being, including our cells, organs, and emotions, has its unique vibrational frequency. When we experience physical or emotional disharmony, these frequencies can become imbalanced, resulting in illness and discomfort.
The founding artists of  Chromasonic, Orpheo McCord, Johannes Girardoni, and Joel Shearer, created this experience to inspire participants to connect to non-ordinary states of consciousness and awareness. “In our boundless spaces, we close the loop between the immateriality of the environment and the immateriality of ourselves. “Participants are immersed in full body-mind experiences that ground them in a new awareness of their perception – an awareness of awareness.
Through careful application, the power of sound has been recognized across cultures, and advancements in technology have paved the way for the development of sophisticated sound healing tools and devices, such as biofeedback systems and sound immersion technologies. Moreover, sound healing is gaining recognition for its non-invasive and holistic approach to wellness. Unlike traditional medical interventions, sound healing works on multiple levels simultaneously – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. By addressing the root cause of imbalances rather than merely treating symptoms, sound healing offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that goes beyond traditional medicine.
We highly recommend you visit and learn more about Chromasonic. To visit and make your appointment click here and then lean back, relax, and re-acquaint yourself with the deepest most authentic parts that make up your magical being.
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