lucky 420 pre rolls

Lucky 420 Pre-Rolls

lucky 420 pre rolls
lucky 420 pre roll review

Lucky 420 is one of our favorites in the branding department and has a consistent even burn. One bummer is we couldn’t find the cultivation source or even strain information anywhere on the package or on the website. When trying to find nearby retailers using the resources on the Lucky 420 site we ran into some hurdles for the Los Angeles area. The first listing we tried in Hollywood had a number that was not in service. We decided to try Culver City – luckily we didn’t drive. The Eaze delivery service was listed so we went to the site and it was not available. Harken back to the good old street days – the good goods can sometimes be tough to find.

The Lucky 420 Mission

We are on a mission to end the war on drugs, elevate the feminine and fight corporate greed. We are pioneering a revolutionary way of doing business that considers human needs, ecological health, social impact, and profit earnings–proving that these are not mutually exclusive.”

– Lucky 420
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