Spencer Draeger

SF. How did you get into music? When was the moment you knew this was your path and you were going to fully commit to your music?

S. I believe in love at first sight, I knew in my room singing smashing pumpkins in my underwear as an 8-year old I wanted to play music. Then as a teenager, I had the impression I was making good music and needed to do it forever, but let me tell you I hope those burned CD-Rs of my high school band never survived.

SF. What influences and inspires you?

S. I’m influenced by a morning coffee with headphones walking through the city

SF. What has been one of your favorite performances and why?

S. My favorite performance was actually my first NYC show with my new band Dräger at Baby’s All Right in Oct. I can’t tell you enough after playing in so many bands and touring etc. I feel like I have a project where I can be myself on stage and focus on being a frontman and just having fun. In the past, I was so many roles and had to play all the guitar, synth, while doing all the vocals and now I’m freed up with a tight band. It’s incredibly fun.SF. If you could share a joint with anyone who would it be and what’s playing in the background?  Set the scene.

S. I would really love to share a joint with my cat Clarence, he’s got severe separation anxiety and I feel like if he could just mellow out a little we could all experience a stress-free household. Maybe he needs pet CBD oil? But honestly, when I’m high I’m much more interested in the introverted side than socializing. For me, it’s a single player game. It may make me dull to the exterior of others but the exterior is in a sense dull as well. Damn, I sound high right now.

SF.Whats A piece of advice you have never forgotten? 

S. A piece of advice I have never forgotten is that everything happens for a reason. Some of the best things in my life would have never happened if something terrible didn’t happen first.

SF. What kind of music are you currently listening to?

S. I listen to different stuff all the time right now I’ve been loving the new George Clanton. I was always a fan of his. I’ve also been into Kid Bloom and am excited for their new album to drop next year.

SF. Can you describe your style in a few words?

S. My style haha how pretentious do I get to sound to answer that? I guess if I were super rich I’d just wear suits every day. I like class with a little sleaze and sass, don’t quote me on that!

SF. How do you incorporate weed into your lifestyle?S. Weed man is like the shit man, It’s so rad, I dunno, It opens all the doors and then you know what, ah shit so good I can’t really explain it babe. Yeah man! It just lets me chill without the little voice casting judgment that I’m not doing enough.

SF. Favorite strain?

S. Not super picky about strains other than favoring Sativa but if I remember correctly Super Silver Haze. I like to function but also the introspective moments and body high. I feel like this covers the bases. I still feel like CA has the best bud.

SF. What is your go-to outfit?

S. I find myself wearing slacks, docs, some type of leather coat most of the time, I don’t really stress about outfits though.SFWhat are your goals for yourself in the next 5 years?S. 5 year plan is to surpass Kathy Perry and Tyler Swift (if I haven’t already), to stimulate those who don’t know how unsatisfied they are.SF. If your life was a film what would it be?S. If my life were a film it’d be the Matrix, duh! Swallowing pills and fighting machines or “the machine,” is it all in my head? is ignorance bliss? I now know Kung Fu so fuck it, there is no spoon!SF. What 3 records you would take with you on a deserted island?S. Roxy Music – Avalon; Ambulance LTD -Self Titled;  Radiohead – In RainbowsSF. What’s your dream performance?S. My dream performance is just playing sold-out shows with my best friends without any gear problems, how boring is that!SF. Any advice for us?S. No advice at the moment.

SF. What is your timeline like with writing songs?

S. I write songs every day, at the moment there are about 25 Dräger songs ready and the first single should come out early next year. I hope to put out either two EPs or an LP and some singles in 2019. I get obsessive with the songwriting process and will sometimes stay in my home studio writing and recording for days without leaving the house. If I don’t have to do anything for the day then I’ll go till my ears can’t take it anymore. I tend to be a hermit through all of this so thank god for Seamless and social media to keep me fed and in the loop of everyone’s bullshit.

SF. What is the tone/energy for your upcoming album?

S. The tone for the next album is synth-adelic, edgy pop. That’s like every genre perfectly put together in a tiny sentence. Some will dance, some will cry, some will throw a shoe while enjoying this band.

Talent – Spencer Draeger @draegerdraeger

Styling/Photography – Georgia Mitropoulos @georgiamtrpl

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