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Stoned Fox had the pleasure of spending a day with Chelsea Leyland. DJ, Epilepsy/Cannabis advocate and co-director/producer of an upcoming documentary meant to shed light on the healing effects of CBD against seizures, a common symptom many Epileptics face. Chelsea recently began her advocacy company CBD4Epilepsy a platform Chelsea hopes will open the conversation surrounding CBD as an ailment in controlling seizures for epileptics. Chelsea was diagnosed with Epilepsy in her teens. “There was very little conversation with my neurologist surrounding the side effects of the medicine I was being given. The fact it was making me depressed and suicidal most of my teenage years was not discussed. You just accept it. It’s either, you are going to have a seizure, fall down and crack your head open or you take medicine that stops seizures. It was something that wasn’t really acknowledged which was very difficult because I felt isolated.” “Ideally, we want to educate people on a compassionate level, allowing individuals to connect empathetically to cannabis and the stigmas around it; creating a place that is not only educational but also allows those affected to feel less isolated. In terms of cannabis, we would like to see the legal side change and legalizing cannabis will be a really great start. Giving people out there that are suffering access to this medicine is our deeper mission. We want to help heal people and there are so many people out there that deserve to know. Chelsea has recently begun weaning herself off of her Dr. Perscribed meds that were leaving her feeling foggy, anxious, depressed and out of touch with her true self. Over one year off FDA approved meds and using CBD oils and vapes have left her seizure free and feeling grounded and in control. To learn more about Chelsea and her story, along with her upcoming documentary, please follow @cbd4epilepsy

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Chelsea Leyland | CBD For Epilepsy  @chelsealeyland | @cbd4epilepsy
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