Grace Weber is a phoenix rising and her debut album ‘A Beautiful Space’, is the soundtrack to her graceful ( pun intended ) evolution. Every song on this album strikes a chord and leaves you feeling a bit more understood and ready to take on your world. One of our personal favorites is the ‘Happy Thoughts’ interlude, which is where it all begins in the mind. In order to process and change what we have been through, we need to change our thoughts and this message reigns supreme throughout Graces, album. Grace is truly nothing short of a “beautiful” example of surrendering to the process, believing in her vision and trusting in the universe. Timing is everything and the world needs an album like ‘A Beautiful Space’ right now, more than ever. When so many of us feel an overwhelming amount of uncertainty, it’s the small daily reminders that the power to make real change begins and ends with us.

Grace began working on her debut album back in 2016 when the process was slightly halted, but for good reasons. While she was working on her now current album back in 2016, Chance The Rapper happened to overhear her session and asked if he could have her song for his opening track on ‘Coloring Book’ ( “All We Got” feat. Kanye West & Chicago Children’s Choir ) happily accepting later lead to a new friendship and Chance working on Grace’s song “Through the Fire”.

The video for ‘Through The Fire’ is about resilience and using the fire within you to make it through anything, no matter how hard the world or life is bearing down on you. When Chance put his verse on this, everything came together and it all honestly felt magical. I’m super grateful to Chance for helping me out of a low place with his verse, & I hope the song can do that for anyone who needs it.”


This album is a saving grace packed with gentle yet powerful reminders of hope; which makes sense, since her soul-igniting vocal presence stems from singing in a gospel choir during her childhood, and her confident, authentic and joyful approach has brought a multitude of success in recent years.

Grace who has toured South America with Chance The Rapper, North America with PJ Morton and has appeared on NPR music’s Tiny Desk and GoldLink, all while continuing to work with her Milwaukee- based nonprofit ‘Grace Weber’s Music Lab’ that offers free music education to high school students. We predict many Grammys for this brilliant mind and song bird. Grace is expected to start her “A Beautiful Space” this fall in the US. and will likely be announced to the public near the end of July, with plans to continue in oversees in 2022.

We had the chance to hang out with Grace, take a tour of her DTLA hood and enjoy some of Californias finest herb provided by Pure Beauty. Read on to get a little more insight through Graces mind.

This was a revolutionary year in culture and personal growth, what aspects of your life do you feel played the biggest role in cultivating the spirit behind your album  “A Beautiful Space”?

GW:  Resilience is a big theme on the project for me. I think learning how to balance drive with patience, and replacing ambition with curiosity, were the biggest things that cultivated the spirit of “A Beautiful Space” and laid the groundwork for the resilience that helped me get through some hard times and find myself again.

You have been a songwriter first and foremost writing for some big artists.( please remind us )  When did you know you wanted to be a singer/producer? And what was the shift that made you want to focus more on your career as a singer?

GW: I actually was always a singer first and the songwriting came second! I haven’t written for too many other artists yet, but I did get a song with Chance and Kanye on Coloring Book (All We Got) that definitely launched so many amazing things for my career and this album. Choosing to release this album and really dive into the rollout definitely came a time when I felt like I had stepped into my confidence and really understood who I am.

Your voice is so powerful and soulful and you were dubbed the R&B album of the year by Journal Sentinel. What were your biggest influences in creating your own voice, or were you, your own greatest inspiration?

GW: Thank you so much!! Growing up, I looked up to and learned from singers like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Eva Cassidy. From there I started listening to more singer/songwriters like India Arie, Joni Mitchell, and eventually Frank Ocean. All those artists combined definitely have been some of my greatest influences – in addition to my time being in the Central City Youth Gospel Choir of Milwaukee.

What has been your greatest struggle and accomplishment in this industry? 

GW: One of my greatest struggles was just finding my space and choosing to own who I am as artist and what I love about singing and creating despite industry pressures. I’m really proud that I’ve kept going through the ups and downs and that I put this album out independently, with a team of just really cool, down to earth, kind people. I’d say maybe that’s my greatest accomplishment so far!

What is your dream performance? 

GW: Performing at Hollywood Bowl with my band would be amazing. I think that’s my current dream performance. 

If you could share a joint with anyone, dead or alive who would it be with? Set the stage.

GW: I’d love to smoke a joint with Joni Mitchell or Nina Simone and talk to them about how they craft their lyrics. We’d be at their house, plants everywhere, mid afternoon, perfect weather, and just smoking and talking and me learning from them.

Sativa or Indica? 

GW: Indica

What is your favorite way to indulge in Cannabis and why?

GW: I like smoking tiny joints once and a while on the couch or in the bathtub. I smoke to relax, I can’t really sing when I’m high so I don’t smoke in the studio, but I love chilling out and taking a break with cannabis.

What does a Stoned Fox mean to you?

GW: Strong, confident, give-no-shits / can’t bring me down woman

A piece of advise for us

GW: Let yourself grow and evolve and take your time. Society makes us feel like we need to know everything right this second, and we don’t. The universe is here for you

Artist and future multi-Grammy winner – @graceweber

Interview, Photography, Styling, Videos – @lolalangusta

Makeup – @sooyonelinakim

Smoking – @purebeautypurebeauty

Produced by @stonedfoxmedia

Wearing @siedres @holiday_the_label

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