Tanerélle´s new album 11:11 is an absolute listening pleasure. It shows the incredible talent of the skilled beauty with the distinctive pure voice. Our absolute favorite is Clyde, whose depth will totally crawl under your skin. – C-heads

When first conceptualized, Stoned Fox was dreamt to be a media outlet that showcased our creative flair, unapologetically fusing the world of cannabis,  fashion, art, media, and culture, because regardless if Miss Mary Jane has been hiding behind the curtains all this time, she has shape-shifted our culture past, present, and unforeseeably the future.

With the desire to satisfy not only the visual stimulation we all crave, Stoned Fox aims to bring you personal and fun interviews with musicians, artists, directors, actors, and writers of our times. We are excited to start our first Artist Series with local musician and future queen of Wakanda, Tanerélle.

“One of my goals is to make women everywhere fully embrace their power, their sexuality, their resilience, their strength and to be unapologetic while doing so.”

SF. If your life was a film what would it be? T. If my life was a film it would be “A Goofy Movie” but my character would be a magic merge between Roxanne but with Powerline’s vocals and Max’s finesse and swag, while he was performing “Stand Out” in front of the school. But also with Bobby’s chill and Goofy’s laugh and cute clumsiness. Yeah, that would be it, that would be me.

SF.  What 3 records you would take with you on a deserted island? T. Sade’s Lovers; Live record, A Tribe Called Quest’s; People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm and I know this is cheating but a friend of mine made me this fly mix cd for me in high school and it’s like the perfect mix of Arctic Monkeys, Daft Punk, Florence & The Machine, Purity Ring etc. etc. so I’d have to go with that. I know, I know it’s cheating.

SF. What was the moment you realized or was inspired to become a musician? T. I’m an only child so music, film and books were my company. With that being said I don’t think there was ever a distinct moment where I was like “I want to be a musician” I think it was just always a part of me because that’s what I had, that’s what was around that made me happy.

SF. What’s A piece of advice you have never forgotten?  T. My mother always told me to manifest what’s for me, not what I want, because sometimes the things we want aren’t for us. I live my life by that advice.

SF. Any advice for us? T. If I had any solid piece of general advice it would be to stay grateful, do what makes you the happiest and don’t deal with toxic people or things.

SF. What’s your dream performance? T. Even thinking of my dream performance makes my body buzz because I literally just imagine an arena full of people singing my lyrics and feeling so fucking in love with themselves that that energy is pouring off of them onto everyone surrounding them and onto me and I’m on that stage giving it right back and it all becomes just a space of unconditional love and light that stays with everyone forever.

SF. What was the first time you remember smoking marijuana?  T. Oh my God, don’t laugh at me, but the first time I smoked marijuana was with one of my best friends when I moved to LA. We were on the rooftop of her place and it was like 73 degrees outside, perfect ass day, anyways I took my first hit of the bong and I fucking burnt my throat. I hit it way too hard. I had to have eaten 10 ice cream sandwiches trying to make the pain go away. I was a hot high ass mess.

Model/Musician – Tanerélle @tanerelle
Photography – Caleb Wing @thecalebwing
Creative Direction/Styling– Lola Langusta @thecalebwing
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