Vōx (pronounced wokes) released her debut EP in May 2017.  “I Was Born, is a complex set of songs about coping with anxiety and discovering the power within herself. Each song builds tension through her vocals, which soar above minimal beats, layered harmonies, and dense reverb.” i-D “I Was Born is the story of personal rebirth. It’s naked. It’s vulnerable. Leaving your past behind to serve a bigger purpose can be painful or lonely. But the most powerful thing you can do is change.”- vōx VŌXs performances are a beautiful, haunting and emotional experience, with her ethereal and dangerously sweet vocals, she lures you into her songs/stories one by one, while she mysteriously stays hidden behind her veil. “The translucent shroud typically covers her whole body though, in the case of this particular show, it enveloped the entire stage. In it, she is both hidden and exposed, both a living artist and an intangible experience.” – Grimmy Goods

SF. If your life was a film what would it be?
V. Romeo + Juliet
SF. If you could share a joint with anyone who would it be and what’s playing in the background?  Set the scene.
V. A new creation would be playing while I share a joint in the studio with Kendrick Lamar.
 SF. 3 records you would take with you on a deserted island
V. Solange A Seat at the Table, Kendrick Lamar GKMC, Jeremih Late Nights: The Album
SF. What was the moment you realized who/what inspired your initial desire to become a musician?
V. All my passion and drive to make music comes from my difficult teenage years. Listening to music was often my only light in the darkness of deep depression. Now as I work through my feelings and grow, I want to share this with others in hopes that it inspires them, is a light that they need.
SF. Whats A piece of advice you have never forgotten? 
V. What you think, you become.
SF. A piece of advice for us?
V. Be as you as you can. Forgive yourself when you can’t.
SF. What’s your dream performance? 
V. A festival at a cathedral in Europe. The bill would be: Kelsey Lu, Vince Staples, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Bonzai, James Blake, St. Beauty
SF. The first time you remember smoking marijuana.
V. I was at a friend’s party and I took too much. I remember crying in the corner and then going to the bathroom and cracking up at my reflection in the mirror.
SF. What’s your favorite way to enjoy the good herb?
V. A joint, in the bath with my lover.
 SF.Sativa or Indica?
V. Hybrid
 SF. Favorite Strain?
V. Yet to be discovered. Taking recs.
Songstress – VŌX @itsmevox
Photography – Caleb Wing @thecalebwing
Creative Direction/Styling – Lola Langusta @thelolalangusta
Style Assist – Prince Andru @prince.andru
Hair/Mua – Sooyon @sooyonelinakim
Wearing @delhaciendaofficial
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